Cameron: We need 'good immigration, not mass immigration'

Prime minister David Cameron will deliver a speech later today on immigration:

"This time last year, we said we would listen to people's concerns and get immigration under control.

"Today I can confidently say that we are getting there.

"I want us to starve extremist parties of the oxygen of public anxiety they thrive on and extinguish them once and for all.

"Above all, I want to get the policy right: good immigration, not mass immigration.

"When there have been significant numbers of new people arriving in neighbourhoods, perhaps not able to speak the same language as those living there, on occasions not really wanting or even willing to integrate - that has created a kind of discomfort and disjointedness in some neighbourhoods.

"Yes, Britain will always be open to the best and brightest from around the world and those fleeing persecution.

"But with us, our borders will be under control and immigration will be at levels our country can manage. No ifs. No buts. That's a promise we made to the British people. And it's a promise we are keeping."


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