Yes To Fairer Votes: MPs should work harder

The Yes To Fairer Votes campaign's Jonathan Bartley comments on today's IPPR report attacking the first-past-the-post voting system:

"As this report demonstrates the first-past-the-post system has simply failed to keep pace with voters in a modern multi-party Britain.

"The old certainties so many politicians cherish are creating new problems for British voters. A system designed for another era is now making hung parliaments more likely, is eroding an essential constituency link, and is sucking the life out of our elections, forcing attention on a dwindling number of marginal seats.

"We have a voting system which fails each and every test even its own advocates set for it. We need to repair our voting system if we are to restore confidence in our politics.

"We need our MPs to work harder and to have to get at least 50 per cent of support from the communities they seek to represent."


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