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Glasgow North East: State of play

It's been a bitter, grim by-election campaign in Glasgow North East. That's hardly surprising, as Glasgow North East is a bitter, grim place.

  • Neither Brown nor Cameron came out with flying colours

    PMQs sketch: On the wrong foot

    Usually by this time on a parliamentary Wednesday the party leaders are relaxing after their weekly Commons ordeal. Perhaps this was why this week's prime minister's questions was a choppy, queasy affair.


    Brown press conference as-it-happened

    Follow the prime minister's press conference in real time, with's live coverage.

  • Brown was startlingly personal

    Sketch: Brown's awkward intimacy felt deeply disturbing

    Every so often leaders turn on the 'personal touch' to get them out of trouble. For Gordon Brown, a man who's prepared to whip out his moral compass at a moment's notice, there was only one response to his misspelling clanger.

  • Review: The Management Myth

    Review: The Management Myth

    Want to understand how people charge businesses to tell them how to do jobs they are already succeeding at? Read this book.


    Election 2010: The south

    The Conservatives are in the hunt for gains across the south of England as Liberal Democrat and Labour struggle to cling on to their seats. In the capital, at least, everything is up for grabs.


    Election 2010: Scotland, Wales and NI

    The nationalist impact makes electioneering in the more electorally complex devolved nations of Britain more frantic - and much harder to predict.

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